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About Me!

  So you want to know some interesting things about me? Well you came to the right page! My name is Hope. My life is not normal what so ever! I enjoy being a loud, outgoing, fun, loving person. I’m a skater and enjoy watching the sport. Skating gives me a chance to push myself and free my mind. I’m also a musician. Singing and playing guitar are chances for me to escape and express myself. And the people in my life make it much more interesting.

My best friends are Christina, Dylan, and Felicity. They have made life much more fun and worth wheil. They have all touched my life in a beautiful way and have changed me and made me realize that sometimes even the smallest things in life are the most beautiful.

I love who I am and don’t want to change mylife for anyone. This is who I am and I’m happy being who I am!


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