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  1. Why Being The New Kid is Hard

    February 10, 2014 by hopev227

    Walking into the the familiar doors of school is always a happy/dreadful feeling. Your friends, your chance to swap stories, and to to change your “image”. But when your nervous your shaking as you walk into a school that’s new and unfamiliar. But you half to keep your head held high and a smile one your face.

    For example being tall is not easy. I am 5’7. I look like an 8th grader to the majority of theses 7th graders. It’s hard because you get all these looks and people asking “Shouldn’t you be in 8th grade” or “You’re in the wrong class,”. The fear -even though you are normally fearless- you feel somewhat out of place. When Andy Biersack walked into one of his classes with piercings, tattoos, and that whole scene kid look people where defiantly staring. But no matter how you dress or talk you’re going to get looked at.

    Also there is dreaded lunch. The place where all of the kids eat with your friends and people they like. You don’t know where to sit. You haven’t figured out who’s popular and who’s not and it’s life or death. It’s the start of a successful social life or the death of your social life.

    Being the new kid is just not fun. You feel out of place with the world and like if you make a mistake the spotlight is all on you. But people well come and want to be your friend… eventually. But at first things are going to be a bumpy ride so hold on tight Just keep going on and know it’s only for a…

  2. You Can Fly!!!

    January 31, 2014 by hopev227

    Classic disney movies have always been some of my favorites! Every time a song like “A Whole New World”, or “Part of Your World” comes on I just have this sudden urge to well… SING! I’ve always wanted to be a singer and when I was little I used to watch these movies a lot! I have like half of the movies memorized. They made me fell like I could soar and dream big. Some of my favorites where “The Lion King”, “Mulan”, and “Aladdin”. I loved how the princesses where always strong wiled and smart. They never let any one tell them they couldn’t do anything. These movies have been some what embedded in my life and run through my blood. They are a part of me. They taught me to never give up no matter how small you are, how slow you are , or how young you are. You can always follow your dreams. And when you never give in, who knows. Maybe one day you can fly! 


  3. The One Thing That’s Always There…

    January 22, 2014 by hopev227 on tumblr are hilarious!!! It can make you smile when you think your life is ending. I love them because they explain how I’m feeling in that moment and cheer me up. These are created by teenagers which is nice and these kids make them so funny and great. They explain what being a teenager is really like in 2014! Whoever creates these I just want to make a public Thank You! You have made me laugh so many times and make me feel better! Thank you again!






  4. Surprise!

    November 25, 2013 by hopev227

    Yesterday I had the best surprise of my life. It’s been 2 months since my best friend, Dylan, has moved back to Houston and so walking into church I wasn’t expecting it to be different. I’ve gotten used to not seeing him and being fine with that. On the way to church my mom and I where having this in depth conversation about Xbox Live and how Dylan is friends with me on there. So it never crossed my mind he might be there that Sunday. While we where talking to a friend of my Mom’s friend, guess who walks in? I’m like “Am I imagining him walking towards me or is Dylan really here?” After I got over my initial shock I couldn’t contain my excitement inside. During the sermon my ADD kicked in. I couldn’t sit still. I kept squirming, I had to text my brother because he was freaking out thinking Sunday school started earlier then normal. Finally it was OVER! I was like “Yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!” I was like a little kid who just got the toy they wanted on Christmas. It was the best day ever. We had a lot of fun jus catching up, and doing random stuff. Even when he had o leave I was fine. I was just so happy I got to spend some time with my friend. I realized that I’d rather see him on these rare occasions then not even know him at all. Now I can’t wait till Christmas when he comes back! 😉 <3 🙂      

  5. Wild Spirit

    November 22, 2013 by hopev227

    I am the girl with thick chocolate hair

    The one you will always find with headphones in

    You will find me diving into teen novels

    The girl who paints her nails black

    With one red explaining herself

    Who takes a stand even when no one else will stand with her

    A risk taker who is not afraid to fly

    I am a wild spirit

  6. Why I Am Grateful

    November 4, 2013 by hopev227

    I this life we have a lot to be grateful for. We have some kind of talent. Some of us might be amazing at sports like Lacrosse, Football, Volleyball, or Cross Country. Others might excel in school. Some of us just might have a nack for music. I know for me I’m gifted musically. I strive at learning guitar, singing, and writing songs. I’m also good at skateboarding. I love feeling the wind on my face and taking chances to push myself. But my older brother is gifted sports wise. He’s the starting goalie for LTHS’ varsity lacrosse team. Thought we all don’t strive at the the same things we can all be proud that we are blessed with different gifts. At the the end of the day we bring those gifts to the table and make WRMS the school it is today. 😉

  7. Music in my Life

    October 27, 2013 by hopev227

    Music has always played a big role in my life. Without music I don’t think I would’ve made it through some really tough times. I am a metal head. What I am constantly listening to is my “Riot!” playlist. My favorite bands are all featured on that playlist. I’m in love with A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, My Chemical Romance, Escape the Fate, Mayday Parade, Green Day, Asking Alexandria, and Black Veil Brides. The music they play I can really relate to. It’s about not conforming to society and just being you. You aren’t judged in the metal community. I honestly don’t care if people think I’m a freak. My music doesn’t define me as a person! Sure I wear black but I’m not always in black. Im happy with myself and I’m happy with the music I listen to.

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