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  1. FOCUS 14

    February 4, 2014 by hopev227

    FOCUS is a weekend church retreat at my church that is for middle and high schoolers. I went last year and my life really chanegd and this year was moving again. FOCUS is a way to unplug from your life and just have fun with your friends, and college leaders. I had a blast Saturday night with Dylan, Christina, and Felicity. It just was so nice to just be my weird, outgoing, crazy self around them! I had real fun and not like normal fun. FOCUS just was a great time and I cannot wait until FOCUS 15!!

  2. When You Think You’ve Lost Everything…

    October 12, 2013 by hopev227

    The words cut through me like knives. I honestly thought I was going to die. I just kept reading that text from, Christina, over and over again. It read, “Dylan’s moving back to Houston.” I never thought I would half to read those words walking into the cafeteria one September Tuesday morning. I got on my friends phone and texted him. He said it was true and that in two weeks I would lose one of my best friends. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry under a rock forever. It felt as if my heart had been ripped out and cut into a thousand little pieces. So I left school early and went home and balled. I locked up myself into my room. It’s like when someone finds out they have cancer and they half to lose their hair. I felt like I was losing my life and I couldn’t see a way to move on and I just wanted to end it and throw away everything. I just didn’t want to move on with my life. So I sat on my floor and cried. Cried until my head hurt. Cried until my heart pounded. Cried until I couldn’t cry any more tears. It’s like when your dog dies. You don’t want to get up and do anything. You just want to mop around. My dad had to come home from work and comfort me, my mom was crying. It was one big cry fest. Finally my dad called my youth pastors and said, “Hope got some upsetting news and do you mind taking her out to lunch?” So they came and got me and we went to Panera Bread. I just let it all out. I had to, I couldn’t keep it all bottled up. But I remember the high school pastor, AJ, telling me to remember this verse, Psalm 73:25-26, “25 Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. 26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” This helped me move on. I knew that God had a plan through all of this. After that day all the days just sort of blended together. Then Sunday rolled around. I didn’t see Dylan or his aunt and uncle in church so I thought, “He hates me. Won’t even come to say goodbye.” So I texted Haley, and said “Dylan isn’t here!!!” So being the amazing friend she is she texted him to make sure he was gonna come and that I would be okay. So then I walk into the youth room. Guess who I saw sitting across the room? My whole face just put on a frown. I when’s right up to him and just said, “So where you planning on telling me you where moving?!?!?!” I think I said this a little loud. Well actually I know I said it too loud. After working through everything we just hung out. He just showed he cared. He even helped me with my Texas History project that was due that week. Instead of being a high schooler and going to high school Sunday school, he came to middle school Sunday school just to be with me. But in the end, he had to go. I acted like a little pre schooler and just grabbed him and said, “You’re not leaving!” It was honestly hard for both of us to know he had to go. Just when I thought I had lost everything I realized everything was going to work out for good. Even though Dylan is over 300 miles away back with his mom, we are still friends. Even though it’s going to be tough, we can do it. Because I know when you love someone as much as we love each other that nothing can break us. We don’t love each other like we are dating. We love each other like legit best friends. And that’s something nothing or no one can take away from us, not even 300 miles.

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