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  1. My 7th Grade Year Reflection

    May 8, 2014 by hopev227

    When I first came in August, I was the new girl. I had just transferred out if my old district and I to a new one. My older brother is still in my old district and i know this year I’ve missed seeing him as much as I used to. On the first day of school I was scared, but we all are. But you just half to keep your head down and go with the flow.
    By October everything was smooth sailing. Though I struggled with some classes I had made friends. I wasn’t alone which was nice. By then you’re used to your teachers and you know the hang of everything so you don’t half to worry. You just half to go with your teachers flow.
    I have learned that friendship is important and not to take it for granted for because when you do, you most likely will loose a friend. Perseverance is another thing. Their will always be mean people but your half to keep your hopes up high and your head down low and you’ll be fine. And lastly no matter what, you’re never alone. At times it will be hard and you’ll think the whole world hates you but you’re never alone, your true friends will always stick with you even when it gets rough.
    As the year comes to an end I will miss it. But I’m proud of myself for starting over and hitting a home run. I’m proud that I had the opportunity to come to WMRS and I’m glad I get to come back again next year.
    But if I had to do it all over again I would go back and try to control my anger and frustration in a different way at the beginning of the school year. I would channel it into the activity’s I love. And then I really would have everything all together.
    My advice for incoming 7th graders is you half to just keep your head up high and know who you are. If you don’t know who you are you’ll get lossed. Just go with the flow of your teachers even if it’s confusing, and no matt what, never give in no matter how hard it may get, you’re never alone.

  2. Leadership

    May 1, 2014 by hopev227

    Leadership is very hard quality to find in people. It’s one of those things that you either have it or you don’t. Some people have a very high leadership potential but are immature and don’t know how to handle it.
    If someone has leadership potential they need to have maturity and intelligence. When a leader is immature they don’t know how to handle problems very well. Let’s say that someone you know was in a bad position and was going to hurt themselves or others. A leader with maturity would try to help and try to solve the problem that person get out of that bad place. An immature leader would have their heart I the right place and mean well but wouldn’t know how to appropriately handle it.
    Also they need to have intelligence. If a leader is making bad decisions the people who follow that leader might start making those bad decisions too. But a leader with intelligence would know better. I’m not saying that person will be perfect, no one is, but they would think about that decision before they make that bad choice.
    Leadership is a very rare but also very important thing to have. Leadership is something that those people have should cherish because it’s not everyday a great leader is born. Leadership is special and should be cherished and held onto because without leadership were would the world be?

  3. My Favorite Poem

    April 25, 2014 by hopev227

    I was inspired to write this about my life.
    I am the girl with thick chocolate hair

    The one you will always find with headphones in

    You will find me diving into teen novels

    The girl who paints her nails black

    With one red explaining herself

    Who takes a stand even when no one else will stand with her

    A risk taker who is not afraid to fly

    I am a wild spirit

  4. Team 3

    April 15, 2014 by hopev227

    Yesterday I got the worlds worse news, a close family friend had passed away after injuries sustained to the head after being hit by a car. He was 19. I found out before the Pre-UIL choir concert. And I broke down. He had been so full of life and so loving and caring. He was a lacrosse player at Westlake before he graduated in 2012. He was a midfielder and one of the best ones we have ever had. Last night I didn’t think I could perform. I was devastated. But someone told me that my choir is my team and he was on a lacrosse team. You half to show up for the team and do your best. They said this is what he would’ve wanted. As hard as it was, I did it the whole time just repeating those words. But you can’t give up. Even in the wake of tragedy, you can’t give up. You half to keep going and do your best. You half to show up for your team even if it’s during a time of mourning the lose of someone. His death had taught me 3 things and ironically his lacrosse number was three. The three things I’ve learned are: 1) you half to show up for your team 2) you have to set a goal and 3) no matter how hard it is you half to try and conquer that goal. Life is hard, but no matter how hard it gets, you have to show up for your team and you half to be their for your team. You half to stay strong and no matter what, you can’t give up.

  5. Media and Memorie: Aladdin

    April 9, 2014 by hopev227




    Growing up I WAS OBSESSED with the Disney movie/musical “Aladdin”! It was just amazing to watch a low life thief transform into this wealthy prince and steal a princess’s heart. It would captivate me for hours and hours. I would just sit in front of the TV and sing in my little toddler voice along to every single song! And then I would force my poor Mom to rewind it so I could watch it over and over again! Aladdin was a huge inspiration to me because he taught me that no matter what you have been classified to be you can break society’s mold and be whatever you want.
    Jasmine also taught me what real beauty is. Jasmine is gorgeous but she also had a heart and that is real beauty. She was loving, caring, and compassionate. She had this essence about her personality that was bold, adventurous, and rebellious. She taught me that no matter who you are or what you look like, you’re beautiful.
    Also the Genie. Oh the Genie. He was HILARIOUS and always put a smile on my face. I could rematch all of his scenes. But he taught me that even the people that seem the happiest can be depressed. But you can get over that depression. That you can’t let your problems get in the way of your happiness because everyone deserves to be happy.
    Aladdin was the best growing up. I remember it and now I really want to go watch it. It’s the little things when we were little that mean the most to us now. I know that this movie means the world to me. And I can still hear that lyric that has stuck with me all of these years, “a whole new world!”

  6. Keepin’ Austin Weird

    March 20, 2014 by hopev227

    Texas. When most propel think Texas the are thing horses, desserts, dust balls, and cowboys. No… No…. NO! They do exist just not in the majority of the area. Texas is a beautiful state to live in and to visit.
    Austin is one of the most coolest city’s in the USA and is one of the fastest growing. Austin is known as the “Live Music Capitol of The World” because of all the artist and shows that are played here. SXSW (South By South West) is one of the biggest music festivals in the world and people from different countries come for a week to listen to all the music. In Austin you pretty much live and breathe music.
    Another thing is Austin is well known for is the lake. Austin is pretty much based off the lake. People use it for recreation and for every day nessesities. The lake is also used for naming schools. Lake Travis, and Westlake are the two main high schools with lake in them. When they play each other the game is know as the “Battle of The Lakes” and it’s always and exciting, emotional, intense game.
    Austin is a great place to call home and to raise a family. Austin has been my home for the past 13 years and I love it. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Austin is a great city and if you ever think about visiting Texas, well Austin’s always here.

  7. Compassion

    March 5, 2014 by hopev227

    During the “Phantom of the Opera” we learned at the end about Christine showing compassion twords the Phantom by kissing him. She shows him that not every person in this world is horrible. Watching these dramatic scenes in the movie are just heart wrenching. I was crying as I watched. Compassion is a very important and very beautiful thing in life. If we don’t have compassion twords people or things we really don’t care. In my life I’ve been shown so much compassion. When I was born my mom couldn’t take care of me and put me up for adoption. She did that so I could have a better chance in life with a good family because she knew it took a mom and a dad to raise a child. Without her doing what she did, who knows were I could be right now. I’ve also been shown compassion by many of my friends. Last year was a difficult year for me and instead of leaving me and going you’re on your own 2 of my clostest friends made sure I was ok and that I was gonna make it. They didn’t run away and hide. They made sure that nothing was going to happen to me. Without them my life would be not even close to as amazing as it is today. Compassion is a beautiful thing that we all need to have. Because if we didn’t have compassion we wouldn’t know what love and grace is. Compassion is one of the most important things in this world and I hope in the years to come more people would be shown the compassion I was shown and more.

  8. Why Being The New Kid is Hard

    February 10, 2014 by hopev227

    Walking into the the familiar doors of school is always a happy/dreadful feeling. Your friends, your chance to swap stories, and to to change your “image”. But when your nervous your shaking as you walk into a school that’s new and unfamiliar. But you half to keep your head held high and a smile one your face.

    For example being tall is not easy. I am 5’7. I look like an 8th grader to the majority of theses 7th graders. It’s hard because you get all these looks and people asking “Shouldn’t you be in 8th grade” or “You’re in the wrong class,”. The fear -even though you are normally fearless- you feel somewhat out of place. When Andy Biersack walked into one of his classes with piercings, tattoos, and that whole scene kid look people where defiantly staring. But no matter how you dress or talk you’re going to get looked at.

    Also there is dreaded lunch. The place where all of the kids eat with your friends and people they like. You don’t know where to sit. You haven’t figured out who’s popular and who’s not and it’s life or death. It’s the start of a successful social life or the death of your social life.

    Being the new kid is just not fun. You feel out of place with the world and like if you make a mistake the spotlight is all on you. But people well come and want to be your friend… eventually. But at first things are going to be a bumpy ride so hold on tight Just keep going on and know it’s only for a…

  9. FOCUS 14

    February 4, 2014 by hopev227

    FOCUS is a weekend church retreat at my church that is for middle and high schoolers. I went last year and my life really chanegd and this year was moving again. FOCUS is a way to unplug from your life and just have fun with your friends, and college leaders. I had a blast Saturday night with Dylan, Christina, and Felicity. It just was so nice to just be my weird, outgoing, crazy self around them! I had real fun and not like normal fun. FOCUS just was a great time and I cannot wait until FOCUS 15!!

  10. You Can Fly!!!

    January 31, 2014 by hopev227

    Classic disney movies have always been some of my favorites! Every time a song like “A Whole New World”, or “Part of Your World” comes on I just have this sudden urge to well… SING! I’ve always wanted to be a singer and when I was little I used to watch these movies a lot! I have like half of the movies memorized. They made me fell like I could soar and dream big. Some of my favorites where “The Lion King”, “Mulan”, and “Aladdin”. I loved how the princesses where always strong wiled and smart. They never let any one tell them they couldn’t do anything. These movies have been some what embedded in my life and run through my blood. They are a part of me. They taught me to never give up no matter how small you are, how slow you are , or how young you are. You can always follow your dreams. And when you never give in, who knows. Maybe one day you can fly! 


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