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Why Being The New Kid is Hard

February 10, 2014 by hopev227   

Walking into the the familiar doors of school is always a happy/dreadful feeling. Your friends, your chance to swap stories, and to to change your “image”. But when your nervous your shaking as you walk into a school that’s new and unfamiliar. But you half to keep your head held high and a smile one your face.

For example being tall is not easy. I am 5’7. I look like an 8th grader to the majority of theses 7th graders. It’s hard because you get all these looks and people asking “Shouldn’t you be in 8th grade” or “You’re in the wrong class,”. The fear -even though you are normally fearless- you feel somewhat out of place. When Andy Biersack walked into one of his classes with piercings, tattoos, and that whole scene kid look people where defiantly staring. But no matter how you dress or talk you’re going to get looked at.

Also there is dreaded lunch. The place where all of the kids eat with your friends and people they like. You don’t know where to sit. You haven’t figured out who’s popular and who’s not and it’s life or death. It’s the start of a successful social life or the death of your social life.

Being the new kid is just not fun. You feel out of place with the world and like if you make a mistake the spotlight is all on you. But people well come and want to be your friend… eventually. But at first things are going to be a bumpy ride so hold on tight Just keep going on and know it’s only for a…


  1. marab743 says:

    I totally understand how you feel! although you handled it WAY better than I did! I was pretty much crying the second I stepped foot in West Ridge. The part that I hate, however is trying to sit at lunch, and not looking like a loner.

    • hopev227 says:

      Mara you are never a loner. You are energetic! You make me smile and laugh by getting up and dancing and singing during lunch! Keep being awesome! 😉

  2. nickhk says:

    Hello Hope,
    I saw you on the Student Blogging Challenge, and I may not know how you feel, but we can all agree. Being the new kid can be hard. Next year I’m going to high school and it will be the only other school I’ve been to. So I’m going to be slapped in the face. Big time. However, being you is key. Anywhere anyone will ever go they need to bring them along, not any other personality. So you were right about that. Being the new kid can be hard, but also easy if you’re yourself. I know this post is aged, but how is your time at your new school?

    • hopev227 says:

      I love my new school. It was actually easy for me to switch because all my friends are in the district and either go to my school, the other middle school, or the high school. A lot lf my friends are in high school so I’m not scared about going in 2 years. But high school’s not that scary from what I’ve heard so you’ll be fine! 😉 Dont worry about it and breathe. Trust me. But always be yourself and never change for anyone! 😉

  3. Marsha Ratzel says:

    Dear Hope,

    My name is Mrs. Ratzel and I’m one of the teachers who is mentoring students in the Blogging Challenge.

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to read thru the blog. So far, in just the first three posts, I’m amazed and you’ve made me almost cry. Your writing is lyrical. It’s concise and doesn’t waste the reader’s time. It’s beautiful.

    I can tell that you are a thinker. Middle school is full of things to learn, about which to be curious and tons of things to think about. You’re always faced with deciding will you do what you’re own heart/mind say you should do. Or will you follow the crowd. It sounds as if you probably follow your own path.

    Like you, I’m adopted. I think I’ve always felt like it was super special…my parents always told me they picked me while everyone else’s parent just got what came out. I’m not sure that it’s true, but when I was a little kid it sure made me feel better and very special.

    Thanks for doing so much fantastic writing and I look forward to reading more of your writing.

    • hopev227 says:

      Thank you so much. I can’t say that middle school has treated me the best. Last year was rough but I was also at a different school. I love my new school and love to think. I’m always daydreaming and wishing for things to come true. When I write I try to show the same raw emotion I felt in the moment. When my best friend, Dylan, moved I was having a horrible week and I tried to show my emotion on the last day he was here’s emotion. Thank you again so much.

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